Sensory Poem for Sheela-na-Gig

Love is like a poem that begins “Love is like a [blank]”
Only it rhymes.

Love tastes like rotting wedding cake discovered in an abandoned storage unit
After a bitter divorce.

Love sounds like a young girl reciting a poem that begins “Love is like a [blank]”
With a forced British accent

Love smells like sweaty socks and piles of old dishes
That have been abandoned so long they’ve collected three inches of dust.

Love looks like the haze that forms above a grease fire
Of a chain restaurant that pays minimum wage.

Love feels like a poem on a brittle, yellow slip of paper you find in a dead aunt’s closet,
Written when she was a girl
Before she knew of the world.

Sheela-na-Gig – Celtic goddess of sexuality, life, and death. After the Irish adopted Christianity, she went from a powerful goddess to what medieval monks portrayed as a demoness.

Sensory poem – uses the five senses to express an abstract subject (love, hate, joy, anger, etc.).


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