Must you kill me? If I am so angered.
Are you angry? You must die.

What shall I do? The people’s will.
What is the people’s will? What you shall do.

Why is this the end? My face is death.
Why must your face be death? Because this is the end.

Why am I so short? So you legs reach the ground?
Why can’t my legs be longer? Because your legs are so short.

Will baby get a new pair of shoes? A seven is required.
Did I get a seven? Your child remains barefoot.

Should I lift that? Only if Magni wills it such.
Did Magni will such? You need a truss.

Does this dress make me look fat? Cloth does not alter weight.
So I don’t look fat? Um, what time is it?


Maat – The Egyptian goddess of truth and justice. She weighed dead men’s souls for Osiris, the lord of the dead, on the scales of truth. Worthy souls were rewarded; wicked souls were torn to pieces and eaten.

Macuilxochitl or Macuilxochitzin (“Five Flowers”):  gentle Aztec god of music, dance, games, and gambling. He was so kind-hearted that many believe he must have been from another pantheon and absorbed into Aztec myths (but there is no hard evidence of this)

Magni:  Norse god of strength, son of Thor and the giantess Jarnsaxa. When Thor was trapped under the body of the greatest of the Frost Giants, neither he or the combined might of the rest of the gods could free him. Magni, only three years (or three days, depending on the version) old arrived on the scene and easily lifted the giant. In gratitude Thor gave him a fine horse Gullfaxi, angering Odin who wanted the horse for himself.

Menehune – Hawaiian equivalent of the European “little people”; ugly, short (about two feet tall), long ears, physically strong; could not make fire, favorite food was shrimp, poi, kalo leaves, and sweet potatoes; lived in caves; loved to play sports; lived in Hawaii before Polynesians reached there; could only work at night

Mictlantecuhtli:  Aztec god of death

Modi (“Angry-One”):  Norse god of courage and rage, brother of Magni. Curiously enough, the giantess Jarnsaxa mated with Loki’s monstrous son, the Fenrir Wolf, to produce Managarmr, a killer wolf. Magni and Modi’s sister Thrúd (“strength”) only appears in myth in passing.

Morige (“the Ordainer”) – Supreme god of Georgian mythology, presiding over the earth, demons, and lesser deities

Mondo:  A pair of katautas (Japanese utterance—a question or an answer). Mondos don’t have to be written in parallel form but that seemed more interesting to me.



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