Posted by: Mark | August 2, 2017

Newer than New Resolution

At this rate I’ll have 50 resolutions by the end of 2017 but I’m going to try to complete Dante’s Paradise before year’s end.

Nearly 30 years ago, in a Medieval literature class, I read Inferno and Purgatory but stalled on the happy place. I looked it over and remember why.

Hell is full of venomous serpents that latch onto a sinner’s body and transform it into a snake. In Paradise an entire Canto is devoted as to why parts of the moon look dark.

I found an old reading list from grad school and I skipped plenty of books or quit them after a few chapters. Making them up isn’t a big deal in the scheme of things but it gives some purpose to my otherwise stupid life. I know if I don’t put them on the blog, I’ll blow them off like I did before, but if I make it public, I’ll be shamed into seeing them through.


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