Posted by: Mark | July 27, 2017

R.I.P. Fat Frog

Back in April 2010, I got four fire-bellied toads. One escaped and dried up before I could find him. I bought another but a second one escaped, not to be found again for years when it looked like a dry leaf. For whatever reason, I didn’t blog about any of this so I don’t know the exact dates.

For years I had the three remaining frogs. I never officially named them since they don’t respond to names but I thought of them as Green Frog (the only one to retain his original coloring), Fat Frog (a female that never laid eggs because the temperature never was low enough), and Other Frog.

Other Frog died a few months ago (I apparently didn’t blog about that either) and today Fat Frog was floating.

Fire-bellied toads can live ten to 15 years but I don’t know how long they stay tadpoles or how old they were when I bought them.

I don’t know if I should get a companion for Green Frog. They never seemed very social.

I’ll read up on it and see what’s best.


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