Posted by: Mark | June 18, 2017

Bunch of Games

Played five new (for me) games today at Game Day. None were mind-blowing but all were decent or better.

King of Tokyo was probably the best.  It’s a board game equivalent of Rampage with players as kaiju. It’s easy to learn, fairly short, and fast-moving. A great game for monster fans.

Sequence has been around for decades but I’ve never heard of it until today. It’s a combination card and board game, basically along the lines of Connect Four. It’s about as far from kaiju as you can get but it still was an easy game to play.

Dragonwood probably would be better if I had a little more practice. It’s a card/dice/D&D type game. Fantasy card games live or die by their artwork–Dragonwood’s wasn’t bad but it doesn’t really stand out from competition.

Pandemic : Contagion might have been the best game if I’d played it more than once. Opposite of the regular Pandemic game, players are germs, looking to wipe out the human race. Great premise but complicated at first. I definitely would like to try this one again.

Mancala is as old as time and I’ve seen it before but never played it before. It’s simple but quick. They’ll probably be playing this 1,000 years from now.


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