Posted by: Mark | June 11, 2017

Gerbil Jailbreak

One reason that I prefer hamsters to gerbils is that when I was little, my sisters and I accidentally pulled off our gerbils tails. It’s an adaptive strategy to help them escape predators but it was still traumatic.

I’ve had many gerbils since then but never experienced a tail malfunction until today.

When I was vacuuming, I bumped the bed frame into one of the cages. The top bent and three adults and a baby squeezed out and it took hours to catch them.

One jumped out of my hand and I ended up with a tail. Eventually I caught him but his tail will never be the same.

Never would have happened with a hamster.



  1. I have had hamsters but never gerbils. Have you ever had a guinea pig? They are amazing!

    • I had guinea pigs a long time ago. They were a lot of fun.

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