Posted by: Mark | May 31, 2017

Completion List : Malcolm in the Middle

It used to be that you needed years of waiting to watch every episode of an older series. Thanks to Netflix and my sinus infection, I finished one fairly quickly.

I watched a little of Malcolm in the Middle when it first aired but started up again a few months ago.

It’s impossible not to focus on Bryan Cranston. He never got credit for it at the time but his depiction of Hal was as rich as Walter White. Plenty of other actors could have taken either role and some could have been funnier or more intense but I can’t think of anyone who could take such a range of behavior and make it cohesive and believable.

The overall show was good but crueller than I remembered. Some episodes seemed like rejected scripts from Married with Children.

Many shows would have pushed beyond seven seasons but Malcolm ended well. Some plotlines were starting to fray but it never went full Dexter. Finishing the show was definitely the best thing to come out of my sinus infection.


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