Posted by: Mark | May 17, 2017

Completion List : Get A Life

From 1990 to 1992, Chris Elliot starred in a show about a 30-year-old paperboy. It took The Simpsons’ old time slot on Fox when Homer went head to head against Bill Cosby. Like Police Squad, I remember people disliking Get a Life for being too silly. Unlike Police Squad, it never gained popularity after cancellation with a Naked Gun-esque revival.

I saw most episodes when the show first aired but I watched the DVDs to be sure. I was surprised how cheap the outdoor sets looked. Louis CK’s old show Lucky Louie had cheap looking sets too but I can’t remember any as bad since the 1970s. That shouldn’t be a big deal but I wasn’t expecting it.

I remembered most episodes very well, in some cases word for word. I didn’t remember there being as many sex jokes but what really surprised me was the smoking. Who smokes anymore on tv besides East European sex traffickers and family member soon to be diagnosed with cancer?

After the show was cancelled, Elliott and the show’s co-creator teamed up for the movie Cabin Boy. I was one of the seven people who saw it in theater. What did The Naked Gun movies have that Cabin Boy didn’t?  Besides a pre-murderous O.J. Simpson? And a lot more jokes?

I have the complete Dilbert animated series on DVD where Elliott voices Dogbert. I’ve probably seen every episode at least once but I’m too lazy right now to check.


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