Posted by: Mark | May 12, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy / Movies since 2015 II

After no movies in 2016 and only one in 2015, we saw the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie only a matter of weeks after Lego Batman.

Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad nearly killed my will to see superhero movies but Guardians made up for the Marthas.

In the 80s if someone told me that Howard the Duck would have another shot on screen with Mantis, Ego the Living Planet, and a talking raccoon, I might have believed it but not that the movie wouldn’t bankrupt the studio.

I have the first appearances of Rocket and Groot in the Marvel Comics canon and didn’t think much of either at the time. I also have the first appearance of Killer Croc and thought he’d be an A-list intelligent villain. Poor Croc, Lucky Rocket and Groot.


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