Posted by: Mark | April 5, 2017

TV: the Book: Part X

The end of the list:

91. Sports Night: Never watched it.

92. Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine:  Over Next Generation?

I’ve watched every episode of the original Star Trek, The Animated Series, and Next Generation but missed whole seasons of Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. I would put Next Generation over Deep Space Nine but objectively, the first two seasons are unwatchable to anyone but my son who goes through hellish marathons with them.

I guess I’ll concede this one.

93. Batman: The Animated Series: I think this gets credit for other series set in the DC Animated Universe (Batman shows up in Superman, Batman Beyond and Justice League). The animation had a number of glitches compared to the later shows but overall it probably was the most solid.

94. Boardwalk Empire: The first couple seasons were fantastic but it seemed to burn itself out. Like Game of Thrones, it wasn’t afraid to kill major characters but unlike Game of Thrones, it didn’t replace the characters with others as interesting. By the end, it seemed thin.

95. NewsRadio: I watched pretty consistently until Phil Hartman was murdered. It wasn’t the show’s fault but it was never the same.

96. Picket Fences: I never really got into it.

97. Scrubs: I’ve seen memes based on the show but never an actual episode.

98. WKRP in Cincinnati: I might have seen every episode. The Thanksgiving episode was one of the best sitcom moments of all time.

99. How I Met Your Mother: The last series on the list that I never watched.

100. Terriers: Sometimes I wonder why I check out lists like this. I’m reminded when I find something I like that I might never have known about without the list.

I’d never heard of Terriers but saw it was on Netflix. I’ve only seen three episodes but I’ve liked them a lot.


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