Posted by: Mark | April 2, 2017

TV: the Book : Part VIII

Approaching the end of this list

71. China Beach: I saw a few episodes but it wasn’t during a prime television-watching period of my life.

72. Enlightened: I had never heard of this show before but, since reading about it, have noticed it on a “Worst HBO Series” list.

73. Everyone Loves Raymond: I agreed or at least respected most of the author’s choices but I can’t see how this made the cut.

74. The Wonder Years:  I remember everyone watching the pilot episode and then gradually losing interest.

75. Barney Miller: This show is like Full Metal Jacket, not at all with tone, but in that like Marines say that was the only movie to get things right, cops used to say the same about Barney Miller. I have seen all or almost every episode. I can’t say how accurate it was but I liked it.

76. Frank’s Place: I’ve heard this was good but never saw it.

77. Justified: My wife watched an episode without me and didn’t like it. Consequently, I never saw it.

78. thirtysomething: I read the Mad Magazine parody but never saw an episode.

79. Columbo: I watched enough to automatically associate Peter Falk with it. Maybe I’ll check it out again.

80. Futurama: It had its flaws but this is my favorite show.  I’ve seen all the episodes and movies. It was as funny as The Simpsons but The Simpsons never hit the sadness of “Jurassic Bark. “


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