Posted by: Mark | March 26, 2017

TV: the Book: Part VII

61. Police Squad!: I didn’t see any until The Naked Gun movie came out and Comedy Central ran all six episodes nonstop. It worked better as a movie but still good tv.

62. 24:  Couldn’t avoid the hype or jokes about mountain lions and not going to the bathroom but never saw an episode.

63. The Defenders: I hadn’t heard of it before reading the book.

64. Gunsmoke:  I’ve seen a few episodes but never was a big fan.

65. Sex and the City: Again, couldn’t avoid the hype but never saw an episode.

66. Star Trek: One of the first shows that I  saw every episode of. Somehow Next Generation didn’t make the list. I like the original series but the third season was pretty awful.

67. Firefly:  I know a lot of fans are crying that it’s lower than Star Trek but from some of the unmade scripts, if Fox hadn’t cancelled it, the quality would have tanked. Still, even the worst script proposal for Firefly was better than “Spock’s Brain. ”

68. Law & Order:  I might have clicked through an episode while switching channels but never watched a full episode.

69. Maude: Just not the right age. It was cancelled before I watched grown up television and I never saw it on re-runs.

70. The Rockford Files:  Thanks to Netflix I’ve seen every episode. My memory of the show was better than the actual thing. I remembered long, multi-episode story-lines, interconnected character arcs, and guest stars reprising roles over several seasons.

It did have a lot of that but not nearly as much as I remembered (still it was far better than most 70s and 80s shows).

I did like it but there were more car chases than anyone could want.

David Chase wrote and directed many episodes. They clearly connected with his Sopranos: A mobster was set up for a hit because he was gay and another was almost killed for seeing a psychologist.

There are a few Rockford tv movies from the 80s that I haven’t seen but I’m glad I’ve caught all the regular tv shows.



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