Posted by: Mark | March 24, 2017

TV:The Book: Part VI

51. Roseanne: Never a huge fan. Sadly, I started watching on the final season which everyone agrees was the weakest.

52. 30 Rock: I’ve seen every episode until the middle of the fifth season. On and off since then. Definitely one of the best comedies.

53. The Bob Newhart Show:  This was one of the shows my parents always watched that I liked too. I didn’t care much for his next sitcom (except the ending ). Otherwise Newhart is funny in everything.

54. Malcolm in the Middle: Every episode up to the middle of the seventh (and last) season. I’ll probably catch up soon. Bryan Cranston was as good in this as Breaking Bad but never got credit he deserved.

55. Miami Vice: I remember a few episodes from high school. Mainly about not wearing socks.

56. The Office: Every episode until the middle of the eighth season. I did see the last couple. It probably should have ended with season seven but it had plenty of good moments.

57. St. Elsewhere: I don’t think I’ve seen an episode.

58. Community: If the show ended in the third season, I would have said it was the best show ever. Season four was weaker and I remember being excited for the return of Dan Harmon for season five.

Only season five was weaker than four and six was weakest of all. What killed me on season six was the constant bashing other shows and movies, especially the fourth season.

Back in 2000 Winona Ryder was in a horror movie called Lost Souls. It wasn’t very good but its advertisement sank it by claiming it was better than The Exorcist. It wasn’t and shouldn’t have reminded the audience that The Exorcist existed.

When Jeff Winger knocked Marvel movies for being boring, I couldn’t help thinking that maybe they should have saved that line for a better episode.

59. The Golden Girls:  I’ve seen memes based on the show that were very funny but once again I don’t think I’ve watched an episode.

60. Friends: I was the one guy my age who didn’t watch this show. I saw a few episodes and one had the paleontologist giving up an argument about evolution against some new age bullshit. Even without that stupid episode I wouldn’t have liked the show. Now I can conflate into some intellectual conflict.


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