Posted by: Mark | March 19, 2017

TV: the Book: Part V

Oops, I forgot to number the last batch. I hope it’s not a problem.

41. The Jack Benny Program:  I’ve seen clips but I don’t recall ever seeing an actual show (I’ve seen The George and Gracie Show and I’ve heard The Jack Benny radio show).

42. Soap:  I  saw a few but it was long ago. I do remember people being outraged that there was a gay character on television.  All the while Liberace, Paul Lyne, and Charles Nelson Reilly were all over the tube.

43.  The Andy Griffith Show: I’ve probably seen about 75% of the shows. It’s my brother-in-law’s favorite show. Not so much for me.

44. The Cosby Show:  The writer admits it’s impossible to watch Bill after the serial rape plot twist. I never watched it. It killed Sledge Hammer which was my favorite show at the time, then went against The Simpsons.

45. Moonlighting:  I remember this well but never watched it. I don’t remember disliking it. Maybe it aired against a show I liked or maybe I temporarily had a life.

46. Taxi:  Okay, I liked this show but not so obsessively that I’ve seen every one.

47. East Side/West Side: Another show I’d never heard of.

48. Hannibal:  I haven’t seen every episode yet but I own the episodes I haven’t seen on DVD. At first I was disappointed that they even put this on tv. I read a few positive reviews and decided to give it a try. I thought it was beautifully composed with disturbing subjects. It became one of my favorite shows. Then they cancelled it.

49. ER: Another show that I watched off and on but was never a huge fan.

50. Parks and Recreation :One of my daughter’s favorite shows. The first few seasons weren’t very good but the latter ones were much better.

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