Posted by: Mark | March 16, 2017

TV: the Book : Part III

21. Curb Your Enthusiasm:  On my completion list, at least temporarily until it starts up again. For once I was able to see HBO shows when I needed.

One of the few shows that addressed race without sounding preachy, mainly because it hits everything. Probably the only show where the protagonist could urinate on Jesus without causing national outrage.

22. SpongeBob Squarepants:  Holy crap, SpongeBob? I like SpongeBob and have seen every episode of the first three seasons but I don’t know if I’d put it this high.

23. The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show:  I might have seen every episode but again episode guides are vague. Definitely funny and influential.

24. Twin Peaks: Everyone assumed I was a big fan but I only saw one episode. It was in the middle of the first season so I didn’t follow it well but I didn’t dislike it.

25:  Lost:  You couldn’t help but hear details about this show but I never actually saw an episode.

26.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer:  On my daughter’s completion list but I never really was a fan.

27.  Freaks and Geeks:  I only saw one episode and liked it a lot. I ought to find this again.

28.  My So-Called Life:  I only saw one episode and didn’t care for it. Maybe it was the worst episode.

29.  Oz:  Again, my lack of HBO held me back. I saw a few episodes. They were decent but I don’t really feel the need to start watching any time soon.

30.  The Dick Van Dyke Show:  Another victim of re-runs. I’ve seen a few episodes but they were butchered in syndication to make time for commercials.

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