Posted by: Mark | March 15, 2017

TV: The Book : Part II

Here’s the second batch of ten:

11. M*A*S*H: As with The Simpsons, I’ve seen all the episodes from earlier seasons but missed a number of later ones. I mentioned in the entry for Cheers that M*A*S*H hasn’t aged as well. Undeniably groundbreaking but I have no urge to rewatch (endless re-runs in the 70s and 80s are also to blame).

12. Hill Street Blues:  Again, a great show but not one I feel like revisiting. Again, watching too many re-runs turned me off.

13. The Shield:  On my completion list, but I wouldn’t have put it this high. It took more chances with characters and plot twists than almost any other show but it dropped too many story lines (the vaccine/autism arc and the gay conversion one stick out the most) to make the top 20.

14. The Twilight Zone:  Another completion list from the days it took years to see every episode, instead of a few nights binge-watching. Very uneven but definitely one of the best. Shatner on the plane is my favorite.

15. Arrested Development:  Three complete shows in a row. One of my favorites. Many people complained about the last season but I’ve always liked POV stories like that.

16. The Larry Sanders Show: I haven’t seen a single episode. It was on when I had no access to HBO.

17. The Honeymooners: Another victim of re-runs. I’ve seen a few episodes but never really got into it.

18. Louie: I’ve seen every episode of Lucky Louie but only a couple of this one. I like it more than Lucky Louie but just never got around to seeing more episodes.

19. The Mary Tyler Moore Show:
I might have seen every episode but can’t tell from the vague episode guides I’ve checked. I used to really like it but it’s faded for me now.

20. The X-Files: I’ve seen most of the early ones but lost interest after a while. I love the episodes about the alien cockroaches and the ones with Charles Nelson Reilly but the “mythology” episodes about alien abduction and Mulder’s sister got old fast.

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