Posted by: Mark | March 5, 2017

Resolution Update 9

The injured oscar and the baby cichlids are still alive but the parent cichlids killed the other adult cichlid in their tank. If I could have figured which was which, I could have done something:

1. Run 730 miles – nothing for three weeks – 56.7 miles.

2. 5,000 push ups and 8,000 leg lifts – I should be fine but I got out of habit with my knee: 430 push ups and 425 leg lifts.

3. Lose 26 pounds – didn’t weigh in but was two pounds up last week.

4. Support 24 local artists – nothing.

5. 42 manuscript submissions – ten submissions.

6. Write 40,000 words and five new stories – 9,405 words and one completed story.

7. Read all the New Testament – up to Chapter 6 of Matthew.

8. Read The Nature of Things – haven’t started.

9. Finish Finnegan’s Wake – On page 306 with 240 to go.

10. 300 blog posts – this is #35.


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