Posted by: Mark | February 20, 2017

Red Dragon Inn

I’ve seen Red Dragon Inn for years but never read the instructions. I assumed it was a variation of Dungeons and Dragons. It is and it isn’t.

There’s no monster fighting or traditional adventures but the game is full of binge-drinking, gambling, and practical jokes. Basically the last character to spend all his money before passing out drunk wins.

Each character has seven cards to keep sober, knock out other players, or other tricks. I guess you could have a D&D campaign like this but I’ve never heard of one.

With expansion packs, it’s possible to play with 21 players but that would be a mess. The people I played with had a game with 18 and said it was unmanageable. The rules say you can play with two people but seems like playing hearts with two–possible but not much fun. Four to six seems best.

Easy to learn, fun, and original. If you’re not offended by heavy drinking, I’d recommend it.

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