Posted by: Mark | January 15, 2017

Resolution Update 2

Last night I dreamt I was trapped in a house with 15 other people who were being murdered one by one. I’m not sure who most of them were but one was either Kevin Malone from The Office or the actor who played him, Brian Baumgartner (why him? No idea).

I think the killer was one of my cousins but I woke up before I could know for sure.

It’s been that kind of week.

1.   Run 730 miles – I needed 28 miles for week two but I’m ahead with 5.6 on the treadmill and 37.7 on the elliptical machine.

2.  5,000 push ups and 8,000 leg lifts – I needed 191.78 push ups and 306.84 leg lifts and have 199 push ups and 275 leg lifts.

3.  Lose 26 pounds  – I lost two pounds so far. That’s ahead of schedule but I think I’ll gain this week.

4.  Support 24 local artists – I missed a chance but I’ll try to recoup.

5. 42 manuscript submissions  – still nothing.

6. Write 40,000 words and five new stories – needed 1,534.24 words and have 2,004.

7.  Read all the New Testament  – Finished Paul’s epistle to the Romans and his first to the Corinthians.

8. Read The Nature of Things – haven’t started. 

9.  Finish Finnegan’s Wake  – Finished chapter 8, 191 pages out of 540.

10. 300 blog posts – Seven posts but needed 11.5.

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