Posted by: Mark | October 17, 2016

Three Board Games

Things haven’t been great but I played three new games.

Mysterium:  a team of psychic investigators are summoned to a haunted mansion so a ghost can reveal a murderer. The catch? The ghost can’t talk and only can reveal clues in dreamlike visions.

One player is the ghost, handing out hints; the others play the psychics. The ghost has the hardest job because the selection of visions are extremely vague and surreal.

It reminds me of an older game called Dixit in that Mysterium is fun and creative with imaginative artwork but can be frustrating at times.

Betrayal at House at the Hell (expansion pack):  I’ve played the standard game before and liked it a lot. The expansion might make it even better but I didn’t see enough of it to tell. The haunted house now has a new section on the roof and, for the first time, a bathroom. I’m not sure if that’s reason enough to buy the expansion. Time will tell.

Descent  (second edition): just started this D&D knockoff. It’s simpler than D&D but takes about as long to play. We should finish it up next month but so far I like it.

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