Posted by: Mark | July 13, 2016

Top 100 List of Top 100 Lists

When I was a kid, science fiction books often had checklists at the end of “Books You May Also Enjoy.” I was too dumb to see this as a marketing ploy so I always checked if I’d read any of the titles listed. When I was really young, I hardly recognized a single book but, after a while, I could check off the majority.

Those checklists are gone now but there are always top 100 lists. Here’s a Top 10 list of top 100 lists. I could have done worse.

I read 36 of the Time list, 24 from the Book Riot list, nine from the UK bestsellers (I’m not bothered by that), five from the nonfiction list, 26 from the librarians, 43 from the Modern Library, 12 from the most influential, 21 from Goodreads, and 19 from the World Literature. I didn’t even check the Entertainment Weekly.

Many of the books I would like to read eventually but some didn’t look worth the time.  Maybe if I’m the sole survivor of WWII as long as I don’t break my glasses.


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