Posted by: Mark | May 8, 2016

The End Was Here

One of the baby gerbils died from his injuries from yesterday’s attack. His feet were completely eaten off with sharp ends of his leg bones poking out. His tail was eaten down to a bare stubby bone.

The other baby is hanging on but I don’t have much hope for it.

If this was the beginning of a zombie story, the parents would be acting strange and soon their behavior would spread to other animals and finally humans. No such luck.  The parents are just running about as if nothing is happened.

Maybe this is a different kind of zombie story. Maybe we’re all infected and each of us are eating parts of our loved ones but somehow have a mental block so we don’t realize it. Maybe every time we encounter another person, one of us is left partially eaten and bleeding to death.

Dark, but that would explain why I’m gaining weight.

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