Posted by: Mark | April 21, 2016

Finnegan’s Wake : Chapters 3 and 4

Back on March 25, I finished the third chapter of Finnegan’s Wake but was too lost to post about it. Today I finished chapter 4 and am no less lost.

In grad school we had to read and translate a passage from a work in another language.  Being a dope, I tried to use 100 Years of Solitude. It’s a great book but too elaborate for a weak reader of Spanish. I failed my first attempt and decided to switch to Lorca’s The Blood Wedding. It’s also a strong piece of literature but the style is much simpler, like going from Faulkner to Hemingway. I passed my test on The Blood Wedding although my Spanish was no better.

I can’t imagine a non-English version of Finnegan’s Wake. It doesn’t make sense in English so I don’t know how a translator could manage.

At least I’m up to 93 pages. I don’t claim to have any new insights but I am moving forward.

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