Posted by: Mark | April 14, 2016

Green Township Library

Devilboy had an appointment at the Green Township campus of Children’s Hospital today. We were close enough to the Green Township branch of the library to find our way there.

The most notable feature is the design of  both the parking lot and the library itself. The parking lot offers a good number of spaces but has a longer than necessary route to the entrance and exit. In a sense that’s good–it forces drivers to slow down and, with a school nearby, that could save a life. On the other hand, how deadly of drivers are library-goers?

The building reminds me of the Satellite of Love from Mystery Science Theater 3000: thin in middle but bulging at both ends. It made walking a little cramped in places but has one of the most memorable designs of the recently constructed libraries.

The selection seemed skewed towards younger readers which is understandable. The mythology and pet sections seemed very bare. Cooking was well represented. Maybe I just need to change my interests.

This brings my total of branches of the Cincinnati Library to 18. Maybe someone other than myself could care.


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