Posted by: Mark | March 24, 2016

Lame Claims to Fame and Alien Hamsters

Two positives in a sea of negativity:

I finished my 2,010th leg lift of the year. It hasn’t seemed to have had any effect other than to make me sore but at least I’m trying.

I was correct about which gerbil gave birth. The two babies look fine (for hairless, eyeless rodent newborns).

To give this post the slightest relevance, if you found this by Googling “Hairless Hamsters ” or “Alien Hamsters” looking for pet care advice, do not breed female hairless hamsters. The same mutation that makes them hairless causes them to be milkless as well. Babies born to hairless mothers are doomed to starve.

Well, that’s a downbeat note to end on, but it’s been that kind of week.


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