Posted by: Mark | March 20, 2016

Jesus vs. Batman

I finished 1 John today and had the realization that most people believe in Batman more than they do Jesus. Whenever a different version of Batman comes out, fans go nuts but the Bible’s different interpretations of Jesus go unnoticed.

The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke are similar but not quite. Jesus in Mark is like Batman in The Animated Series – quick, to the point, sometimes weird (Jesus killing the fig tree; Batman villains relying on colored knockout gas) but overall my favorite depiction.

Matthew’s Jesus is like The New Adventures of Batman, basically the same as Mark/The Animated Series – more fleshed out but somehow not as fresh.

Luke’s is like Brave and the Bold in that similar in many ways but definitely the odd man out.

John is like Christian Bale’s The Dark Knight – suddenly more bloody and grounded. This is many people’s favorite version but not mine.

I will compare Paul’s depiction of Jesus to Adam West, not because he’s silly, but because it’s such a departure from other versions, it’s the version older people seem most acquainted with, and despite venomous criticism from many parties, I still think it’s pretty good.

James is like Tim Burton’s version because it deliberately contradicts the Paul/West version. It’s gloomy but I like it a lot.

I have to match up Peter’s Jesus with Batman v. Superman because even though I just finished both books of Peter, his depiction isn’t very clear, similar to understanding a movie through its trailers.

The Epistles of John is like Joel Schumacher’s in that John seems like a continuation of James but is neither as cohesive or good.

I know this stretches the point but most of the Jesus Freaks I see on Facebook come off as Batfans who have never read a comic or watched the shows and movies but still think they’re such experts that they need to tell the rest of us what to think.



  1. I thought this was an interesting look at the bible

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