Posted by: Mark | March 14, 2016

Novels in Progress

I got out of habit of posting but I’m trying to get back. I’ve been hammering away at writing and have seven novels in the works.

1. The most complete is a talking animal fantasy based on the Book of Revelation. It’s 190 pages long, 111,844 words, and ready to be sent out.

2. The next is about dragons. 221 pages, 52,099 words, and needs at least one more round of editing.

3. The next is less than halfway finished. It’s about religion and the fall of civilization. 92 pages, 19,136 words.

4. The next is very rough and has zombies, aliens, robots, and a lot of other stuff. 74 pages and 18,540 words.

5. The next two are new. The first is about lottery winners, 39 pages and 6,307 words.

6. This one is a mystery based on a dream from a month ago. 24 pages and 5,203 words.

7. Finally a story about killer roaches that I’ve pretty much abandoned. Only 13 pages and 3,218 words.

I’m hoping that by June 14 to have progress.

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