Posted by: Mark | February 24, 2016

Blanchester Library

I visited my first Clinton County Library today in Blanchester.

From what my wife had told me, I wasn’t expecting much but it surprised me.

It was small but we’ll stocked. I liked that instead of having a huge amount of space for DVDs, they just had boxes of DVD covers that can be stored like papers. I’m not against other media in a library, but I like the emphasis on books.

The graphic novel section was bigger than I had expected with Afterlife with Archie, a new Astro City collection, and other books I haven’t seen in much larger systems.

The pet books selection was also very good and mythology was better than most. Many libraries have a bias with political books but Blanchester was definitely more balanced than Can’t-Get-Enough-Coulter Anderson. My only real negative was that there were two copies of the fictitious Go Ask Alice in the nonfiction section but it’s hard not to find a library that doesn’t do that.

Overall, it was a pleasant surprise.

That makes 17 branch libraries of Hamilton County as well as the main, three of the six in Boone County, one of the eight in Butler, all three of Campbell’s, four of the ten in Clermont, one of the undefined number in Clinton  (apparently they don’t connect libraries like other countries), and all three in Kenton. Okay, it’s dumb but it doesn’t hurt anybody.


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