Posted by: Mark | February 6, 2016

Resolution Update #5

Mixture of good and bad. Enough bad that I missed posting yesterday:

1. Writing (Goal – 120,000 words/finish five stories and a novel): 6,776 words; two stories. Lagging further and further behind.

2. Publishing (Send out 110 manuscripts): I sent out two indisputable submissions but one that I realized was to the same publisher that I sent the story to in November. Looks like I’m blacklisted there.

3. Read Finnegan’s Wake: Nothing.

4. Read Shakespeare’s sonnets: 130 of the 154.

5. Visit five new libraries: Nothing.

6. 5,000 Push ups/8,000 Leg lifts: 561 push ups; 795 leg lifts.

7. Running: Crummy 31.1 miles, again only on the elliptical for 194.28 for the year.

8. Lose 26 pounds: Not great. Gained three pounds. Damn.

9. 100 photos of different species: Three more to make 23 for the year:

Mammal: House cat, Dog

Amphibian: Bullfrog tadpole

Fish: Betta, Blood parrot cichlid, Guppies, Angelfish, Pictus catfish, Blue Gourami, Electric Blue Ram Cichlid, Buenos Aires Tetra, Cherry barb

Insect: Caliworm (Black Soldier Fly)

Crustacean: Ghost shrimp, Vanilla lobster

Plants: Christmas cactus, Bell pepper, Purple waffle plant, Monk’s hood cactus, Moss

10. Year of Mercy: Donated toys and clothes but nothing new.


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