Posted by: Mark | January 24, 2016

Green Eggs and Cheese

When I collected comics, I favored Marvel over DC. One huge reason was The Superfriends. The Legion of Doom was decent enough but many of the non-Legion villains were so stupid that even as a 1970s dumb kid, I couldn’t watch a whole episode.

The Moon Creature (only #5 on the list) was the dumbest of the dumb. Even in the second grade, I could draw better monsters than the creature but it was the idea that the moon was an egg that made me switch channels to Jabberjaw (note: I have no idea if Jabberjaw aired in the same time slot or even the same season as Superfriends but my memory associates them together).

My kids just watched a Doctor Who episode where the moon turned out to be an egg and a giant creature hatched out of it.

I now have a solid reason for favoring Star Trek.


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