Posted by: Mark | January 15, 2016

Resolution Update #2

Only 50 weeks left in 2016 and I’ve got a lot to do:

1. Writing (Goal – 120,000 words/finish five stories and a novel): 3,491 words; one story.

2. Publishing (Send out 110 manuscripts): Still nothing.

3. Read Finnegan’s Wake: Another nothing.

4. Read Shakespeare’s sonnets: Up to 25 of the 154.

5. Visit five new libraries: Nothing, strike three.

6. 5,000 Push ups/8,000 Leg lifts: 256 push ups; 345 leg lifts.

7. Running: 48.8 on the elliptical and 0.7 on the treadmill for a combined 49.5 for the week and 81.58 for the year.

8. Lose 26 pounds: Lost another four pounds, making 16.6 pounds overall with 9.4 to go. I’ve lost more than that in one week before so I’m cautiously optimistic.

9. 100 photos of different species: 12 (House cat, Betta, Blood parrot cichlid, Guppies, Angelfish, Christmas cactus, Bell pepper, Caliworms, Purple waffle plant, Pictus catfish, Monk’s hood cactus, and ghost shrimp).

10. Year of Mercy: Nothing but the clothes donation last week.

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