Posted by: Mark | January 8, 2016

Resolution Update

After a week, resolutions are moving unevenly.

1. Writing (Goal – 120,000 words/finish five stories and a novel): 2,057 words; one story.

2. Publishing (Send out 110 manuscripts): Nothing.

3. Read Finnegan’s Wake: Nothing.

4. Read Shakespeare’s sonnets: Read 20 out of 154.

5. Visit five new libraries: Nothing.

6. 5,000 Push ups/8,000 Leg lifts: 112 push ups; 175 leg lifts.

7. Running: Since the treadmill broke, I figured out that it’s pretty much impossible to make goal as set up last week. I’m toning down things so a mile on the elliptical machine equals one hour for goal, a mile on the treadmill equals two, and inclined treadmill equals four.

I have 22.7 miles on the elliptical, 0.8 miles on the treadmill, and 1.77 miles on the inclined treadmill for an adjusted 31.38 in all.

8. Lose 26 pounds: Lost 12.6 pounds with 13.4 to go. It’s good but not as good as last year when I blew everything after a fee months.

9. 100 photos of different species: Seven (House cat, Betta, Blood parrot cichlid, Guppies, Angelfish, Christmas cactus, and Bell pepper).

10. Year of Mercy: Donated clothes.


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