Posted by: Mark | January 1, 2016

New Year’s Resolutions

I went 65% in last year’s resolutions, one of the worst results since I’ve been doing this.

I’m repeating many of the same things as last year. I’m dropping activities with the kids because that didn’t work as well as I had hoped (teenagers don’t seem to appreciate doing stuff with parents). I’m dropping blogging and video because it was too easy. If I slack off, I can bring them back next year.

1.   Writing: 120,000 words for the year and finish five stories and a novel.

2.  Publishing: 110 manuscripts submitted. 

3. Read James Joyce ‘ s Finnegan ‘ s Wake.

4. Read all of Shakespeare’s sonnets.

5. Visit five new libraries.

6. 5,000 push ups and 8,000 leg lifts.

7.  Run 1,500 miles.  One mile on the treadmill equals one mile for the resolution,  three miles on the elliptical machine equals a mile, five miles on the exercise bike equals a mile, and 0.5 miles on the inclined treadmill equals a mile.

8. Lose 26 pounds.

9. 100 pictures of new species (animals and plants).

10. Works of mercy as laid out by Pope Francis.

Some should be tough but I’m giving it a shot.


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