Posted by: Mark | January 1, 2016

2016 Has Not Started Well

I was over my disappointment that NKU cut me after 16 years. The politicians in charge of the Commonwealth of Kentucky made it clear that college education is for Yankees or fancy East Coast folk. It’s not hard to make up for the pay–the maximum annual salary for adjuncts is less than 32 hours a week at even a minimum wage job.

Then I was scheduled to work today at 9:00. Okay, earlier than I would have liked on New Year’s Day, but no problem. No manager when I arrived. No big deal.

90 minutes later.

The general manager pulls up in a very bad mood. No word yet on the fate of the assistant manager who was supposed to be here.

Well, now that I’m inside, I feel better.



  1. Did you lose your job at NKU or did they cut your hours even more? They spend millions on fancy buildings and armies of administrators but then nickel and dime the little people.

  2. They gave my classes to a full-timer. The state changed the education requirements a while back so fewer literature classes are required. Then they cut back on composition beyond 101.

    I don’t blame NKU for the situation except they waited until exam week to tell us. Adjuncts went from 42 a few years ago to about a dozen now.

    Honestly, the job pays so poorly I can’t feel bad about it.

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