Posted by: Mark | December 27, 2015

Completion List : Invasion

After I watched the complete series of Terra Nova, I read a couple of reviews comparing it to Invasion. Sadly, one of the similarities was that both shows were cancelled on cliffhangers. Plenty of shows end this way, but in Invasion’s case, it’s especially frustrating.

Invasion has a similar premise as Invasion of the Body Snatchers, in that weird alien jellyfish fall from space, take and kill a human, and create a replacement body to assimilate society.

The similarities end there because some of the replacement human/aliens want to conquer, others live in peace, and others to go on bloody rampages.

It’s anarchy with various factions of hybrids acting under different agendas.  They seem as clueless of the mother aliens’ motives as the humans.

The government seems to know what’s going on but refuses to get involved.

Evan Peters and James Frain stand out in acting and I guess it’s for the best that the show was cancelled or Evans wouldn’t have gone on to American Horror Story and X-Men and Frain wouldn’t have appeared in Gotham and The Cape (he deserves so much more).

As much as I admire the series,  I can’t really recommend it because the ending is so open. It’s been years since the series ended and many of the stars would be unavailable even if a network agreed to revive it.

It’s saddening that a creative show gets axed while so many repetitive programs keep churning out.


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