Posted by: Mark | December 9, 2015

Second Last Exam

The first exam session of the day is almost over. If I had known this would be my last semester, I would have done many things differently but it’s too late now.

To fill the time until 12:10, I tried to think of supervillains who had “Captain” in their names (traditionally Captains are good). Here’s what I came up with before time ran out:

Captain Axis – Nite Owl (Watchmen)
Captain Barracuda – Various Marvel Comics
Captain Boomerang – Flash
Captain Cold – Flash
Captain Cutler – Scooby Doo
Captain Death – Captain Marvel
Captain Fate – Man Thing
Captain Fear – Batman
Captain Filch – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Captain Hook – Peter Pan
Captain Murder – DC Comics (a rare evil female Captain)
Captain Nazi – Captain Marvel
Captain Nippon – Captain Marvel
Captain Omen – The Hulk
Captain Pollution – Captain Planet
Captain Ultra – Avengers (former ally of Fantastic Four)
Captain Wonder – Wonder Woman



  1. You forgot one… Captain Eil (a.k.a….. YOUR MOM)

  2. Muscle Man says it’s his mom.

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