Posted by: Mark | December 4, 2015

In the Flesh Links

Thanks to Becca at Becca Eats Books, I have two links if anyone wants to see a third season of In the Flesh. One is to Amazon (considering what they did with The Man in the High Castle, this would be a great match). The other is (which will send you to many, many other petitions after you sign).

There are other cancelled shows that I’d love to see again but In the Flesh stands out by having not just a new twist on the runaway zombie genre but multiple serious social parallels as well. Besides, ending a series on a cliff hanger a la Galaxy Quest is just plain wrong.



  1. Thanks for tagging me Mark! Fingers crossed there’s a new surge of petition signatures. If only we could band the two petitions together – then they’d have 72, 426 signatures! Hopefully someone at Amazon is taking notice.

  2. It looks like Man in the High Castle will be successful. That might make them take more chances on genre shows.

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