Posted by: Mark | November 4, 2015

Grab Bag

If I wanted to inflate my post numbers,  I would separate all these. What’s the point?

Ohio voted against legalizing marijuana. It took three or four votes to allow casinos and I have no doubt the end of prohibition is near. I hope the next bill is better written.

It’s novel writing month. Many people are trying to complete 50,000 words by the end of the month. I just passed 90,000 for the year (90,255 to be exact). I have 218 pages on a new novel. I don’t think I’ll finish by December or even January,  but I hope to produce something.

I showed Freaks again in class and noticed that during the Wedding Feast, after Angelo Rossitto is splashed by the loving cup, a fly buzzes him and lands on his forehead. He never broke character. Also, the bearded woman is visible in the background when Cloe ‘ s fate is revealed. I knew the sword swallower was in the opening scene, but never saw the bearded woman at the end before. I’ve seen the movie dozens of times and still I’m missing stuff.

And, of course, two lizards on the wall. They’re going to lead Santa’s sleigh.


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