Posted by: Mark | October 17, 2015

Completion List : Boardwalk Empire

I was late to get into Boardwalk Empire but the first two seasons had me hooked. I especially liked the portrayal of local bootlegger George Remus.

The show impressed me in that it killed off major characters at the same rate as Game of Thrones. However unlike Game of Thrones, it didn’t replace them. The last season felt empty.

It’s odd but I didn’t mind in Deadwood or Rome when the writers played fast and loose with real historic figures but in Boardwalk Empire, it did. The basis of Nucky Thompson, Nucky Johnson, died in a far less dramatic manner than how the show depicted. I don’t know why that should matter but it did for me.

I liked how the show portrayed Joseph Kennedy, Al Capone, and other politicians and gangsters.

All in all, despite the weak finish, I would recommend Boardwalk Empire. I just wish it had moved in a different direction.


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