Posted by: Mark | October 9, 2015

How Few Remain

I can’t imagine what goes through a gerbil’s brain when it’s contemplating which of its offspring to eat first. Do they go with the fast ones or the slow? The skinny or the fat? Is it all random?

Last night one of the babies somehow was dropped/knocked in the middle of their tank. The parents walked right over him without taking him back to the others.

Did he smell different? Could they detect a genetic disorder? Were they just jerks?

I didn’t want to touch him directly. I’ve heard that the whole “abandoning the baby because it has the scent of a human” folklore isn’t true but I didn’t want to chance it. I moved the baby back to the nest with a tablespoon.

Today only three babies were left. I’m not sure if it was the one they were ignoring or a litter mate.

I guess it’s impolite to eat them all at once.


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