Posted by: Mark | October 6, 2015

Pets Amok

In local news, yesterday a 15 – foot python almost ate its owner. I can’t top that but my pet experiences lately have been weird.

2015-10-06 11.55.05

While I was out doing laundry, I spotted a yellow bird up on the roof. I thought it was a Goldfinch but when I saw its head, realized it was a parakeet.

This was the second time I’ve encountered a feral parakeet. Once when I was a kid, a bunch of us spotted a parakeet and chased it from tree to tree. As it got dark, one of the more athletic kids climbed a tree after it but couldn’t tell which branch it was on. We kept shouting where we thought it was but no one could agree. Finally the guy in the tree shook the branches and dozens of birds poured out, including (presumably) the parakeet.

It’s been decades but I can still remember the birds silhouetted against the sunset. It was striking but I felt a sense of loss, knowing the parakeet would almost certainly die.

I whistled at the parakeet today but it wasn’t about to come near me. There was no way I could get up to the roof, and even of I could have, I doubt if I could have caught him. He won’t last long in October in Ohio.

2015-10-06 11.56.08

Also the gerbils had babies again. We’ll see how long they last.

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