Posted by: Mark | September 14, 2015

Sci Phi Journal

Here’s a break from the posts about intra-family cannibalism and pictures of bugs.

Sci Phi Journal has requested help in spreading the good news of its existence.

If you’re interested in a mix of science fiction and philosophy, check it out. If you’re interested in insane gerbils eating babies, stay right here.

Sadly, if you really are interested in gerbil cannibalism, I think they little psychopaths ate the last of their babies so you’ll have to wait another three weeks or so before they can do it again. You might as well check out Sci Phi.



  1. Interestingly enough the latest issue (#7) has a story that features a villain that eats human babies.

  2. If I had only posted something about me winning the lottery…although then they’d probably reprint the Shirley Jackson story.

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