Posted by: Mark | August 19, 2015

The Completion List : The Tick

A while back, I searched for the live-action Tick tv show on Worldcat. I was disappointed that no library in the area held a copy. A few days later, I was straightening up our DVDs and realized we already had the complete series.

It’s only nine episodes but it took me months to get around to watch it.

The Tick began as a comic book (I remember picking up early issues, like I did with the Men in Black comic, but not buying either).

If the live-action adaptation came next, it would probably better regarded. Instead an animated version was made which was much funnier than the later live-action series. Also the cartoon took advantage of different locations, characters,  and fight scenes that not even Game of Thrones could afford.

The live-action was constricted by its budget.  It could never live up to the cartoon.

To make it even worse,  some of the better known characters from the cartoon could not be adapted to live-action due to copyright restrictions.

It sounds a lot like the latest Fantastic Four movie, but The Tick wasn’t that bad. It had more sexual content than American audiences would accept on a network superhero show, but it had its moments.

Not a ringing endorsement but the show jumped through more hoops than the Fantastic Four movie and looked far better.


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