Posted by: Mark | July 3, 2015

The Outrageous Okana

Saturday Night Live once had a great skit about a 13-year-old co-writing the Game of Thrones. Zombies, dragons, and boobs are the holy trinity of teenage boys (and frankly they’re not bad now). Star Trek’s “The Outrageous Okana” is a swing at a 13-year-old’s fantasy but is a clear miss.

Okana is what you get when a Star Trek writer tries to rip off Han Solo. Part Poochie, part Mary Sue, Okana comes off like a middle-aged used car salesman trying to rap. And yet he’s not the worst character in the episode.

Okana is so darn outrageous that he makes Data want to try to be funny. Data, not understanding humor, conjures up Joe Piscopo to learn stand up comedy. (I paid money for one of Piscopo’s albums and probably have a better impression of him than 99% of the population but even I couldn’t stand his character on this episode. ) In one of the lowest points of SF history, Piscopo did a Jerry Lewis imitation that looks and sounded like this

Brent Spiner rises above this material which saves the episode from “Spock’s Brain” level but there’s not much else positive to say.


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