Posted by: Mark | June 12, 2015

Completion List: Firefly II

Last month I finished watching all the episodes of Firefly. I wrote about the show but because of the follow up movie, Serenity, I held off on a few points.

I’ve always thought that Firefly fans are the most obnoxious fandom out there and I wanted to bad mouth the series just to tick them off but the movie answered most of the issues that the series left me with.

Plenty of loose ends, especially dealing with Shepherd Book, were still left hanging but the movie explained the Reavers about as well as it could have. I’m sure it would have been better to reveal it slower in the TV series but getting a follow up movie is better than  fans of most shows could hope for.

I still think most of the fans are obnoxious but I have to admit that the show is worth talking about.


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