Posted by: Mark | May 31, 2015


Instead of having a life and going to the movies, I watched the old Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome .

I written about several SF movies from my childhood:  some have held up, others not so much.

Normally movies from the 80s become easily dated due to music and hair. Thunderdome combined feral and punk hair styles that still work.

The Tina Turner songs feel a little oldie – esque but the background music holds up well (although it is over the top in the 80’s vein).

After Freaks, this has got to be Angelo Rossitto’s best film. He was only two foot eleven but he definitely added to the colorful characters in Bartertown.

The wheel from “Break a deal; face the wheel” was creative and made for a great detail. Compared to many of the half-ass SF films since, well, forever, the world of Max is well thought out.

Eventually I’ll see the latest Mad Max movie but that might be a while.


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