Posted by: Mark | May 22, 2015

And The Children Shall Lead

I thought I’d seen every episode of the original Star Trek but “And The Children Shall Lead” just started, and I don’t remember it a bit. Is this extremely specific Alzheimers? If so, I hope I lose “Omega Glory” next.

“And The Children Shall Lead” features child actors like “Miri,” “Charlie X,” and anything with Wesley which isn’t a good mix. Gene Roddenberry had his weak points and kids figure highly.

The episode comes off as Children of the Corn in Space and their version of He Who Walks Behind the Rows is a goofy dead alien who gets into into the children’s heads. Yes, this episode was written by a young L.Ron Hubbard.

The glowing green ghost alien looks and sounds like a spokesman for a hair restoration clinic beneath a bad special effect. If he’d appeared even remotely alien, maybe this episode wouldn’t come off so badly but apparently Gene couldn’t spare a rubber forehead that week. Instead he’s dressed like King Roland from Spaceballs. Was Mel Brooks making an obscure reference or was he just cheap too?

Now that it’s almost over, I remember a few scenes–Uhura sees herself as an old woman and Sulu sees swords in space. Those are brain cells I do not miss.

Gorgan, the unfriendly alien ghost, melts away at the end. If Kirk had thrown a bucket of water on him, I’d give the episode a five star rating.  As is I have to rank it low.

Oh but look–“Spock’s Brain” is coming on next.  “And The Children Shall Lead ” suddenly looks better.


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