Posted by: Mark | May 10, 2015

Robots I’d Like to Work With

As a sequel to yesterday’s list, I came up with ten robots who would be good co-workers.

10. IQ9 (Star Blazers) – reasonably competent,  tolerant of drunks, and not nearly as annoying as Star Wars Droids.

9. Wall-E – I’ve worked with complete slobs in the past. Wall-E would keep the break room clean.

8. Robo-Conchords – they might have exterminated humanity but they care about ethical treatment for the elephant.

7. Marvin the Paranoid Android – a brain the size of a planet and he’d make me feel good about my life.

6. Robopope (Good News from the Vatican) – he’d probably be preachy but wouldn’t steal your lunch.

5. Kryten (Red Dwarf) – not quite as good a cleaner as #9 but usually helpful. Always nuts so would make for a good entertainment factor.

4.  Bishop (Aliens) – the Alien Queen literally ripped him in half and he kept working. That’s some work ethic.

3. Machine Man – Back in The Incredible Hulk #236, the Hulk ripped him in half and he kept fighting,  eventually knocking the Hulk from central California to deep into Canada. That and his membership in Nextwave has Bishop beat.

2.  Huey, Dewey,  and Louie (Silent Running) – they’re kind of dorky but unlike virtually every other movie robot, they actually successfully get the job done. Plus they can play poker.

1. Data – half of Star Fleet treated him like crap but Data was the most competent being in the Federation.  He also let other people take credit for his work. A good combination in a co-worker. And he can play poker too.


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