Posted by: Mark | May 9, 2015

Robots I Don’t Want to Work With

It looks like I might get a job working with robots. I came up with 10 robots I wouldn’t want to work with.

10. ED-209 (Robocop): unstable and prone to accidentally shooting people. Normally Ed would be higher on the list but I live on the third floor and Ed can’t climb stairs.

9.  Any Droid from Star Wars: they’d be on my good list if it hadn’t been foe the sequels.

8.  Droids from Disney’s The Black Hole: all the bad points of Star Wars plus one might merge with you in hell or whatever exactly happened in the end.

7. The Terminator: not just the genocidal stuff but can you imagine the tech people who made the original Terminator models? “So what did you do before Skynet rounded us up?” “Uh, I sold meth.”

6. Crow and Tom Servo (MST3K): sure, they kept Joel and Mike sane but can you imagine working with them? They can’t go three seconds without mouthing off.

5. Lore (ST:TNG): super-strong, smart, and no regard for human life. He might be a good funky but he’d be the worst boss.

4. Steel Rabbit aka Robot Rabbit: No sooner would Bunsen Honeydew bring in a bunch of metal carrots and this jerk would burst in and eat them all.

3. The Vision (Marvel): Worse than the Sentinels, Ultron, Herbie, Amazo, and any other comic book robot. Sometimes wants to take over the world, but always mopey.

2. Maria from Metropolis/Mr. Roboto: (tie) both seem like tools of management.

1. Bender (Futurama): funny to watch but he’s be the worst co-worker.  He wouldn’t just kill you but he’d steal your lunch too.

I’ll try to think of good robots tomorrow.


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