Posted by: Mark | April 26, 2015

Another Goofy Meme

I’ve got a lot to do but I feel like dropping dead. I’ll compromise by answering questions from this meme.


1. If you could pick any dinosaur to have as a pet, which would you choose?

If I’m getting a dinosaur, I’ll go big with a Tyrannosaurus rex, but one that automatically obeys my every command.  Because if I’m doing something impossible, I’ll do it very impossibly.


2. If you were stuck on a deserted island that somehow had satellite access to crappy cable TV, and you only had Gilligan’s Island reruns, Jersey Shore marathons, or Ancient Aliens marathons to watch, which would you suffer through?

I’ve probably seen every episode of Gilligan’s Island but it’s the only one I could stomach.


3. Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Trek fans are most annoying, and I like Star Wars, but I’ll still go with Trek.


4. Twilight Sparkle or Pinkie Pie?

What the hell are you talking about?


5. What language(s) besides English can you speak/read/write?

Pig Latin and E-Prime.


6. Name a country you’d like to visit.



7. Do you like SpongeBob SquarePants?



8. What type of music do you like to listen to when you’re studying/relaxing?

I used to listen to what is now considered classic rock but now it’s just what the kids have on.


9. What is one food you can never live without?

I don’t think there’s any food that I would have a problem if it vanished. I guess my favorite is crab Rangoon.


10. What’s your favorite video game system?

I guess Atari.


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